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Shore and Beach Fishing in Qatar

Lots of choice and spectacular beaches for day and night fishing summer or winter!


There's plenty going on around the shores of Qatar pretty much all year round. Silver Bream, Sheri's, Queen Fish, Barracuda and Hamour to name a few can be readily caught. Hot spots appear to be along Qatar's south eastern shoreline. Try south of Sealine and look for spurs and structure going into the sea and fish the leeward side. Walk out on sand bars too and cast to the horizon. Many Egyptians working in Qatar and Qatari fishermen use 3.5m beach-casters.  

Beach casters then are the order of the day, a good flick with 2-3 snoods baited with chicken (yes chicken) and a 4-5 oz breakaway lead and bunged as far as you can sling it. Locals also use clams (can be hand dug from some beaches) but not the time it takes to get them out of the shell. Squid rings less the batter or fresh squid cut into thin strips is also favoured and a jar of pilchard oil (less the tomato sauce) for a dip just before casting brings in the fish. Qatar tide is only about 1-1.6m at max, mostly around 1.2m.  When beach fishing be conscious that some beaches especially in spring may be turtle breeding grounds and are protected. Also be aware of rip tides that can wash you away from the shore. 

Another method that works is a flowing trace, main line to swivel then a 1.5m long trace with 2-3 baited hooks, again with a 3oz lead. No need for grappling weights, it simply does not get rough enough to dislodge your gear when cast out. Set your clutches and watch your rods, the bigger fish will take off with a rod if the clutch is not set properly! Could be kind of embarrassing should it happen.


Qatar's Inland Sea is a rich example of biodiversity at it's best


Qatars Inland Sea, rich in sealife.

A great place to go for a weekend with friends and family. Always take the rods, some simple and light camping gear, and plenty of freshwater. The fishing is excellent. Look for drop offs and gulleys. Fish light spinning gear or simply what ever you fancy trying out. Thin strips of fish on small hooks will bring in the bites and fish. Watch out for coral and sharp rocks and the occasional jellyfish on bare feet!

Fresh air, the wind in your face, and sea spray cooling your skin. There's no shortage of places to try out in Qatar, just get off that sofa get your rods in your hand and go get some adventure, your kids will love your for it!


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