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Fishing in Qatar

Qatar waters offer exciting fishing for the novice and professional angler alike. Very few of Qatar's beaches are off limits and an exciting and varied number of species can be caught using relatively simple tackle. Common species are King Mackerel, Barracuda, Queen Fish, Kobia, Sheri, Snapper and many others from boats or from the shore. As a reminder, boat anglers are required to have boats registered and insured. Details of how to do this are on the Boat and Beach page. Currently no fishing permits are required for shore fishing.

Shore fishing offers some great mixed beaches and mixed bags of fish. Some of the best are in the south however there are many unexplored and unfished beaches all over Qatar both in the north and west. Similar species can be expected from both beaches and shorelines. Watch out for summer and autumn jellyfish which can sting, and look out for good eating clams which are often found on sandy beaches when the tide is out. Not only do they taste good they also make great fresh bait. There are plenty of sea snakes in Qatars waters, avoid them!

Routes to and from the beaches are fairly easy though a 4 wheel drive vehicle is essential when traveling off road for any distance. Take plenty of water, shade, a phone and a tow rope and air-pump and always try to travel with another vehicle in case one of you needs a tow. Look up in Google earth to plan your routes.

Qatar beach fishing queenfish
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