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Boat and people safety

There are many excellent locations to explore around Qatar’s coasts and on the open sea. The size and range of your craft will determine where you can safely navigate. Please follow safety rules and familiarise yourself with neighboring country borders, codes and marine regulations, charts and mapping.

We should all work and play in a safer, cleaner and more sustainable environment lets keep oils, greases, fuels and other rubbish out of the water and off the beaches. Please take all garbage home to be disposed of properly. This includes any waste fishing tackle, nets, hooks, line etc. Beaches particularly sandy ones are used in spring and early summer by turtles for egg laying, keep off them with vehicles and leave only footprints. Leave shells, coral and wildlife where it should be, in the wild and in the sea. 


For general safety and procedure advice, please download the Qatar Coast Guard Safety brochure.




Boat Safety
Your boat should be equipped properly, this means, fenders, mooring ropes, anchor, navigation aid GPS, depth finder, communications (HF radio is advisable), fire extinguisher, life vests and navigation lights, bilge pump and some kind of shade. Vessel registration and national identification card should always be in the boat.

People Safety
Summer months are blisteringly hot, so remember to take plenty of water and roughly work on about 1.5 to 2 liters an hour per person, essentials also include a sun hat, Polaroid sunglasses, high factor (50) sun screen, long sleeve shirt. Kids are especially prone to heat related injuries, leave them at home or protect them properly. Kids overheat and become dangerously sick extremely quickly. Don’t over expose yourself or your family to the heat, it’s will make you very sick and can kill you. A simple guide is that if your stop urinating then you are dehydrated! 

The darker your urine the more dehydrated you are becoming. Keep up fluid intake even on those rare overcast days. Avoid  carbonated drinks, water is absorbed into the body fastest and keeps you better hydrated. If in doubt get back to land asap and seek medical help if anyone on board feels nauseous or light headed. Minimum sun protection should be high factor sun cream, sun hat, sunglasses (Polaroid) light long sleve shirt, shorts and sun shoes. Cool overheated people with water and a breeze, and keep them shaded from direct sunlight and offer them plenty of water to drink.

International diving flags warning that divers are in the water


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